Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bo's Brown Ale V2.0 & Golden Knight English Brown Ale

Brewing With Friends Role Call 4.1.11:
Blake, Whit, Bo, Andy, Jack, Carson, David, Chad, Kristin, Tina, Alexa, Brian, Jenn, Grantalones, and about 4-5 random neighbors, and a couple stray dogs as well...sorry if I forgot anyone, got a little loose by the end of the night.

Both kettles boiling great, pretty sure Allman bro's are jammin

The girls gettin in on some brewing with friends

Beer Talk:
Bo's Brown Ale V2.0
I spoke with the BB (brewmaster blake) earlier in the day - and we decided on doing the second iteration of our Bo's Brown Ale. The first time we brewed the Bo's Brown it turned out pretty well - we were happy with it tasted and appeared visually but wanted to make it a bit more earthy as opposed to the strong grapefruit flavors/smell we got from the cascade hops we used in version 1.0. This time we substituted the Willamette to try and hit the mark on this beer. Great fermentation so far, will be taking it to secondary this weekend for a couple of weeks...will update on how this one turned out in a couple of weeks
Hitting that mash-in temperature on the money


Golden Knight English Brown Ale
The second beer we brewed was an English Brown Ale (think Newcastle Brown). We were shooting for a beer that was medium in body, malty flavored, non-aromatic, and brown in color. This is the first time we have brewed this recipe, but we hit pretty close to our marks and I have the feeling it's going to turn out great. This one also will be going into secondary this weekend, and should be ready in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the idea on brewing this one Carson.

jack weathering the storm to make sure they get the perfect boil

Party Time:
Everyone was fired up for this brewing with friends night ...especially Assistant Assistant Brewmaster Bojangles. Apparently he has a soft-spot for Jack's Squirrelin' IPA, because we tapped the keg that night and we have reason to believe that Bojangles drank more than his fair share before the night was done. We had a great turn-out and more than a couple people ended up sleeping on the couch as a result of indulging

We got off to a pretty late start, but that was mostly due to getting our second brewing system fired up. Jack and Carson fabricated a mash-tun, and we were off and running for our first double brew was a lot of fun and exciting to have that many people involved. 

Till next week,
- Assistant Brewmaster

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  1. special thanks and props to Andy, blake's friend for taking the great pictures. Come back soon and snap some more. In the mean-time I'm going to have to figure out how to get some pictures that are half the quality of yours...any suggestions, please let me know. I don't think the iPhone camera is going to cut it.