Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summertime, the living's easy.

Got a few things in the line up right now. On tap we have: Golden Knights Brown Ale- an english brown ale that is tasting mighty fine. Whit's Wit- a witbier brewed with coriander and fresh, organic orange peel that my lovely fiancée helped to zest. This beer has a creamy mouthfeel due to the oats and is a great summer brew. Also on tap is the Hesserweizen- a traditional german wheat beer that has a great light body, and banana/clove aroma that is very thirst quenching.

The brews in process include: Amber (fail- had to be dumped due to Brewing Under the Influence or a BUI but I thought everyone should know that beer needs careful attention to come out as intended.) Centennial IPA- Our second rendition. We were very happy with the results of the first one and it was a hit. So, no changes were made to the recipe. We look forward to bottling this beer. Huge citrus flavor and aroma from the American west coast hops. Schwarzamberbier- This originally started as a Schwarzbier but due to the BUI got some Amber ale wort mixed in. Not exactly what was intended but tasted great going into the keg. Schwarz is German for 'black' so that's how it gets it name. It is dark like a porter but clean, crisp and light bodied like most lagers. This will lager for a few weeks/months as it was fermented with lager yeast. The lagering process will help clean up the beer leaving a crisp and refreshing dark lager beer. Also coming up is another amber brewed successfully under the supervision of brewmeisters Carson Morey and Whit Hesser. This beer will be fantastic. And lastly, thank you to asst. asst. brewmeister Bo Hesser and asst. to the asst. to the asst. (lost track of who's who) brewmistress Tina Hesser for their help in bottling all the said beers and our (hopefully) finalized Pale Ale recipe. This pale ale is complex but mild. Bitterness we kept low and the malt bill is sufficient to provide a sweet, light bodied, and sessionable pale ale. We dry hopped with Citra hops meaning we threw in even more hops after the fermentation process to provide a orange/grapefruit in-yo-face hop aroma experience. Very nice.

Thanks to all the help, brewing friends.


Brewers Blake and Carson hoppin up the Centennial.

Thanks Joey from Nashville and Drew for your assistance.

Assistant brewmaster Whit with a mouthfull.

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